flower arrangement services

Allow us to bring uncluttered, unpretentious beauty to your work space, your living space, your party space. the ikebana shop will go visit your venue and put ikebana creations where you want them, when you want them.  Each work will be hand-crafted, made specially for you.  Later on, we come back and clean up.  You just sit back and relax.


fresh flowers

Fresh flowers possess a calming and healing power that is immediately felt. They effortlessly brighten up any room. Put the flowers in an ikebana arrangement, let the natural fragrances permeate...and the result is distinctive and elegant. Traditional ikebana is practiced with fresh flowers.

permanent botanicals

The quality of dried and silk material available right now is unbelievably good.  Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference without touching.  Permanent botanical arrangements make for long-lasting displays with very little maintenance. They are well-suited for seasonal displays that are changed at longer intervals (like show windows).  


Please drop by our shop, call or email us for a free consultation.  We will visit your venue to make an measure space limitations, to look at the surrounding decor, to absorb the atmosphere, and more importantly, to understand your preferences.  We can also offer suggestions.  We are flexible.  Tell us what your favourite flowers are.  Or you can just say, “Surprise me!”  and leave it all to us.  We won’t disappoint.  


" beautiful the floral arrangement was on the stage. Very dramatic but not overbearing. Whoever handled that piece of 'set design' gets my bravo."  -- John M., NSCAD