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sogetsu ikebana lesson details

Lesson Days & Times

In general, lessons are held every first and third Wednesday of the month, 10:00AM - 12:00PM.

Plus, one Sunday per month (date to be announced in a timely manner), also 10:00AM - 12:00PM. Sometimes, we open a 1:00PM - 3:00PM lesson if there are many people signing up.

Schedule is subject to change without prior notice.  Please see our Lesson Dates page for exact dates and times of upcoming lessons.

The Spirit of Ikebana

Ikebana in itself is a life-long study.  The learning does not come from merely memorizing the basics but also from the process where students begin to attune to their inner selves, to the flowers and branches they are touching, to the surroundings that envelope them, and by extension to the world they exist in.  The process is as important as the resulting arrangement.  Allow yourself to find beauty in harmony, beauty that only an uncluttered mind can grasp, beauty at that perfect moment in a blossom's life.

The Sogetsu Curriculum

The study of Sogetsu ikebana begins with the 4 “curriculums”.  Each curriculum contains 20 lessons.  Curriculums 1 & 2 are basic for beginners, while Curriculums 3 & 4 are for more advanced students.  

After finishing each curriculum, students can apply to receive a certificate of completion from the Sogetsu Foundation.  Applications for accreditation will incur fees charged by the Sogetsu Foundation (not the ikebana shop) and are completely optional.  Accreditation from the Sogetsu Foundation in Tokyo allows students to continue their studies where they left off with a different Sogetsu teacher.  

For those wishing to earn a teacher's diploma,  an additional 40 or more lessons are needed to obtain a 4th grade teaching diploma.  

See the official Sogetsu website.

General Lesson Plan

All students start at the beginner level, unless they have previously studied Sogetsu ikebana  and have the proper accreditations to continue from where they have left off with a previous teacher.  

Students learn at their own pace.  There is no specific one lesson taught at each session.  Lessons are individualized in nature, with students getting personal instruction based on their current skill level.  Students may enrol at any time, and book the dates they would like to attend.

At the start of each session, the teacher will introduce the materials to be used and explain to each student his/her particular lesson to "challenge".  Students will be left alone to contemplate and create their arrangements, and are discouraged from discussing ideas with one another during this time.  At appropriate times, the teacher will comment and suggest corrections, explaining concepts or adding new twists for the students to ponder. After each session, students can take their flowers home and re-create their arrangements.

Lesson Booking

Each session can accommodate only six students.  Students must book their classes in advance. 

Bookings can be made by email or by telephone.  Please leave us your email and contact telephone number so that we may contact you in case of any unforeseen schedule changes.


   - 2 days or more before: No Charge
   - 1 day before: $20 +HST
   -  Same-day or no-show: Full charge (1 lesson) 

Please understand that your flowers are ordered 4-5 days ahead so if you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as you can.  It will give us the chance to adjust our flower orders and also to inform people who might want to take your place.

What Should You Bring?

the ikebana shop will provide the flower containers, kenzan and clippers for the students' use during the lessons. 

Students are  encouraged to bring:

   - Notebook or sketchbook
   - Camera (optional)
   - Old newspapers (or something to wrap your flowers to take home)  A flower bag (hana-gappa) would be convenient!
   - Indoor slippers (if you use them) 
   - Gift certificate (if you are planning to use one)

 a notebook/sketchbook and a camera to the lessons.  Also, old newspapers to wrap the flowers for taking home after the lesson.  

Diploma students will also need to bring the official textbooks.  The teacher will record their attendance and progress in the textbook and this will be used in the application for accreditation.  (Textbooks are available at the shop but are exclusively for our ikebana students and are not sold to the general public.)  Curriculums 1 & 2 (40 lessons) are combined into one textbook, as are Curriculums 3 & 4.  Textbook 5 is also available.

Lesson Fees

One session costs $50, which includes the cost of flowers.  A 3-session pack can be bought in advance for $125.  

Fees are subject to HST.  Payments may be made by credit/debit card or cash.