origami workshop

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding.  Traditionally, all origami pieces must be folded from one sheet of square paper.

Apart from being a great tool in developing spatial reasoning and geometric understanding, origami also teaches patience and concentration.  It is also therapeutic and creates a sense of achievement.  But above all, it is fun and captivating!

Origami is also a window to Japanese culture.  Japanese children learn origami on their mothers' laps, alongside the nursery rhymes!

when are the workshops?

There is no regular origami workshop schedule but we do organize a few throughout the year.  If you would like to be informed about upcoming workshops that we organize, please give us your email address and we will put you on our "origami mail list".

who can join?

Anyone from elementary school children and above is welcome.  Parents who want to "assist" their children are also welcome.

Due to space considerations, a workshop in our studio is limited to about 10 participants.

what do we make?

Typically, we choose fun and beginner-to-intermediate level pieces to fold.  Apart from paper, we also make use of other materials like glue, pens and googly eyes!  We like to make fun things!

Sometimes, we also introduce simple unit origami.  That is putting together origami parts to make one whole piece like a wreath!

We usually select 3 pieces to learn for a 1 to 1.5-hour workshop.

Have a look below!  These are some of the things we've done in the past.

can we have a private workshop?

Absolutely.  Tell us when and where!  We can also tailor-make the difficulty level of the workshop. We have done workshops for schools, corporations, hospitals etc. Want a short break from the monotony of an executive seminar?  Sneak in a 30-minute origami workshop into your conference room schedule! :-)

can you come to our school?

Yes, we do that all the time.  We visit schools around Halifax.  We do this on a volunteer basis.  It is a great way to introduce Japanese culture to children.  

We got featured on Breakfast Television! :-)

how much does a workshop cost?

Our shop-organized workshops held at our studio would cost from about $8 (plus HST) per person.  That includes the cost of the paper and other incidental materials.

For private workshops, please contact us and we'll work out a quotation depending on what you need.

For schools, we do the workshop for free but we ask that the paper be purchased from our shop.  Honorariums are, of course, welcome.