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tea tasting workshop

Sometimes, people tell us they don't like Japanese green tea because it is too strong and bitter.  So we ask them how they brew it.  The most common answer is the way they've always brewed tea...English tea, that is!  That means pouring boiling water into the teapot and steeping for about 5 minutes.  No wonder!

Japanese green tea is brewed differently depending on the type of tea you are preparing. 

In this workshop, we'll show you the differences in preparation as well as in taste for a selection of Japanese green teas.  

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what kinds of tea will we learn about?

Here is our line-up of teas. Participants will sample 6 teas out of this list: 

  • Sencha

  • Sencha Fukamushi (deep steamed)

  • Sencha Karigane

  • Genmaicha

  • Houjicha

  • Konacha

  • Gyokuro

  • Matcha

See descriptions of each tea here


We will show you how to prepare each tea properly.

We'll enjoy some Japanese snacks during the workshop too! 

Plus, we'll show  you how to prepare a matcha latte! 


can't I learn all these online?

Well, yes.  But you won't be able to taste them online!  :-) 


when and how much?

Workshops are by appointment for groups of 4-6 persons.  It will last for about 1.5 hours.  We suggest that you plan for a morning workshop because Japanese green tea does contain caffeine!

A workshop will cost $35.00 (plus HST) per person.

The workshop is held in our studio

Please contact us to arrange your workshop! 


And by the way, we don't use paper cups!  ;-)