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about us


We are a small Japanese shop in Halifax, NS, Canada.
Our aim is to introduce authentic Japanese culture and aesthetic. 

From the traditional...
     Pottery -- vases, teaware, tableware...including hand-made pottery from Bizen, Shigaraki, etc.
     Tea -- Japanese green tea imported directly from the tea farm in Uji, Kyoto. All first flush,
     Incense -- Japanese incense from Kyoto. All natural ingredients.
     Dolls -- Kokeshi dolls, kimekomi dolls, etc)
     Lacquerware -- Chopsticks, trays, etc. And, bento boxes too! 
     Apparel - Silk haori, yukata, tabi socks, scrunchies.
     Books -- All about Japanese culture: cooking, gardening, Zen, martial arts, etc.

....to the modern.
     Anime & Kawaii -- figurines, plushies, keychains, stationery, pens etc.
     Gundam -- Gunpla (Gundam plastic models)

Plus, of course, our specialty: Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement--supplies (containers, kenzan, clippers, etc), lessons & services. We are dedicated to the promotion of ikebana!

There are many many more things in the shop. Please come visit and browse around! You can find us here.



Our logo is a flower surfing on a raindrop.  It reminds us to keep looking up no matter what. 

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Hidden trivia for ikebana practitioners: Rotate the image 90° to the right and you might see a moribana arrangement complete with shin, soe and hikae!

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