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blade sharpening workshop

You love your knives.  You love using them.  You want to keep them sharp and well-maintained.  You'll learn how in this workshop. We are lucky to work with Peter Nowlan of New Edge Sharpening.   He will show you the right way to sharpen your knives.  Take our word for it, there's more to it than simply rubbing the blade against any wet stone!  

Peter is a retired officer in the Royal Canadan Navy who lives and breathes knives.  He has been sharpening knives since the late 70's and is very passionate about his craft.

In his own words: "Most guys think of cars, golf, women, beer, work.  I only ever think of knife sharpening, even if I am having a beer, In fact I think about it more if I am having a beer." 


what can I expect in the workshop?

A demonstration.
See the really proper way to sharpen knife blades, progressing from the coarse grit stones to the finest micron grade ones.  Free-hand in the traditional Japanese way.  This is how the pros do it!

A hands-on instruction session.  
You will sharpen your kitchen knife using a Japanese water stone.  The focus will be on to get the best out of your kitchen knives in the household setting. 

(Pictured on the left are different Japanese waterstones of different grit sizes.) 

what do I need to bring to the workshop?

We'd like you to bring, if possible: 

  • A kitchen knife* (or two) ...the best choice is your longest chef knife.
  • An 800-1000 grit Japanese water stone.  Bring the stone holder too if you have it.
  • A container to soak your water stone in water.
  • A clean dish cloth or towel to clean your knife.  Micro fibre cloths are best.

 *Please do not bring a serrated knife or a traditional Japanese knife.  Those are different lessons altogether!   



Aw shucks! I'm just visiting and don't have my knives with me. Can I still attend a workshop?

By all means!  We have a few knives and water stones that we can lend out if needed.*  Just let us know beforehand so we can prepare for you.  Of course, you might not get that same "loving feeling" when working on somebody else's knife! :-) 

We do have a few water stones for sale at the shop. 


how much does a workshop cost?

Workshops are one-on-one only.  The fee is $100* (plus HST) .  About 2 hours long.

*Fee increased as of Feb 23, 2017.

when and where?

Please contact us and we will arrange a workshop for you.  

The workshop is held in our studio


Don't feel like going through all the trouble?  Just let us sharpen your blades for you!  Click here


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