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Moribana Containers From The Past

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It is not unusual for us to receive our supply of flower containers wrapped in newspaper.  Well, recently 2 suiban arrived bundled in very old, yellowing newspaper...from Sep 30, 1972!  Apparently, these containers had been forgotten in some storeroom somewhere and were only unearthed recently.  Don't ask us how we found's a trade secret! 

Check the stock prices! Canon Inc on Sept 30, 1972 was worth 206 yen.  As of June 15, 2018, it's now worth 3752 yen!

Old newspapers are like time capsules.  See what's all the rage back then...

The latest automobile from Nissan, the Laurel. 
The latest microwave oven from National (Panasonic).
The latest 4-channel stereo from Toshiba...featuring The Beatles!

Oh, we almost forgot to show you... This is the suiban, half-moon in bright orange.  If it is still available, this link will bring you to our online shop.

The Twist Box

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Guess what this giant cupcake-like thing is? :-)

Gently lift the top and twist open....

...and take a peek inside.  We've filled it with 10 assorted chocolate truffles!

Lovingly hand-made in-house, right here in Nova Scotia!  The fabric is from Japan.  The chocolate truffles are from Truffini (made in BC).  Of course, once the chocolates are gone, you can still use the box!  

Available for a limited time at the shop.  Get one for this year's Valentine's gift!

Revised Blade Sharpening Price Schedule

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No, it's not really a price increase!  We've just streamlined the blade sharpening pricing schedule to simplify things.

The following pricing schedule will be applied from 2016:

Cost / knife

no extra cost
$5.00 extra

Regular & Serrated Kitchen Knives
    up to 4" blade
    more than 4", up to 9" blade
    more than 9" blade

Japanese traditional knife
Non-kitchen knife (hunting, folding)
Ikebana clippers
Minor chip repair* ( <2mm)
Chip & tip repair*

*Chip repair must be incorporated with sharpening order.

Note: If your knives or clippers need extra special attention, we will let you know the expected cost and obtain your agreement before starting any work on it.

Prices are subject to HST.

Say Hello To OrigaMirna

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It is always a pleasure to meet another person who shares an interest in one of the things we are passionate about: ORIGAMI!  Mirna is originally from Croatia.  She moved to Canada with her husband and four-year old daughter in 2013.  She recently visited our shop and brought with her a lot of origami energy in the form of these mini kusudama set as mini origami trees.

Kusudama is a type of origami where many identical pieces (usually conical or pyramidal) are sewn (or glued) together to form one ball of flower.

Kusudama-making images courtesy of Mirna Blažinčić Čonkaš.

Mirna's love for origami began when a cousin introduced her to the art.  She was 8 years old.  She was fascinated by the fact that a sheet of plain square paper could be transformed into something complex (though not necessarily so!) and beautiful.  In time, she not only learned more complicated pieces but also came to appreciate the process itself.  

The process of folding a complex model is like meditation. I forget about plans for the next day. All worries and fears disappear. And when I’m finished, in addition to a beautiful flower or a mysterious unicorn, I feel relaxed, refreshed and empty-­minded. In a positive way, of course.

We are happy to have some of Mirna's work available at the shop.  Every piece is unique and made with plenty of love, patience and attention to detail.  All hand-made, of course!

Please also visit her facebook page to see what else she's been up to!

Although I’ve learned many complex models since then, I’m always happy to return to the crane and try fold it as perfectly as possible.

Image courtesy of Mirna Blažinčić Čonkaš.

Holiday Goodies

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Here are some holiday goodies you can find at the shop!

Santa Gift Box
Kids love getting many matter how little!  So we put together a bit of this-and-that into a gift pack and put it inside a special Santa box.  The contents are worth more than $20...and we're offering them at $15, including the Santa box of course!

Fabric Crane Ornaments 
They're back!  Ready to adorn your Christmas tree!  These origami cranes are Hand-made in-house with brightly coloured Japanese fabric.  

Cat Ornaments
At first we made only a few.  We wondered if people would really want a cat on their tree?!?  :-)  But people kept asking for more so we made some more.  All hand-made in-house.

Christmas Tree Lavender Sachet
Last year, we made these little trees and sent them to Halifax's sister city, Hakodate. (See here.)  We thought we'd reprise it this year. They are made with Nova Scotian tartan and inside is fragrant Nova Scotia lavender.

Postage Stamp Gift Tags...Free!

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Back by popular demand!  :-)  The postage stamp (yes, they're real stamps!) gift tags are free with any purchase, while supply lasts.  

We get a lot of postage stamps from Japan through the year and so we collect them and make them into little gift tags for you!

Thank you for shopping with us!

Manga Envelopes - Free!

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We found ourselves with a bunch of old manga books.  Discarded.  Nobody wanted them anymore.  They had one foot in the recycling bin already.

Mottainai -- that was the first thought that came to our minds.  Mottainai is a Japanese word that expresses that feeling of regret when things are wasted.   So, we thought of another idea.  With a bit of cutting and pasting, we turned them into little envelopes!

They're perfect as a "gift wrap" for small items...especially for our little anime mascots!  

...and we have lots of them!

The manga envelopes are FREE with any small item purchase....while supply lasts!

New Scrunchies

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We've spent the long Labour Day weekend making new scrunchies!

Each scruchie is lovingly hand-made in-house using fabric and elastics from Japan.

Did you know that the Japanese name for scrunchie is "shu-shu"?  It derives from the French  chouchou., which could mean a teacher's pet, or ... a scrunchie!

Come by the shop and check out some of the new patterns!  Click here to shop online.

Cold Brew Sencha Green Tea

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In the heat of the summer, sometimes we just prefer a cold cup of tea.  So we tried cold-brewing some sencha green tea.  It's really easy.  It's basically just putting the tea in cold water and letting it sit in your refrigerator overnight!

We used 3 tablespoons (that's like 6 scoops of the wooden spoon you see in the photo) of sencha green tea leaves and 2 litres of water.  We used a large teabag so that it doesn't get messy in the pitcher later. 

The teabag has a flap that you can fold over so that the contents don't spill out later.  (They're good to use for spices in your soup or stew as well!)

Then we added water into the pitcher and left it in the refrigerator overnight (about 8 hours).  Unlike when brewing green tea with hot water where steeping time is important, you don't need to worry too much about an extra hour or so!  There is no precise recipe for a cold brew. :-)

One sleep later...volia!  

Extra tip: Using a pair of chopsticks, shake the teabag up a bit to release more flavour and colour!

The flavour of cold-brewed sencha green tea is a bit subtler and smoother.   Cold-brewing also results in less caffeine in your tea.  Very refreshing for hot days!

You can use gyokuro tea leaves too!

By the way, if you are wondering where you can get those teabags... We have them right here at the shop! :-)   Or purchase online here.

We also have premium grade Japanese green tea, of course!