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Japanesque September 2014, At SMU

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September 28th  was a beautiful Halifax Sunday afternoon.  The organizers of Japanesque decided Mother Nature's offering of good weather was too good to pass and the event was moved to the gardens of The Oaks on the southern tip of the St. Mary's University campus.

Japanesque was co-organized by the Japanese Language and Culture Program, Department of Modern Languages and Classics of St. Mary's University and the Consulate General of Japan at Montreal, with the support of the Japan Foundation.

Festivities were opened with a taiko performance.  That got everyone's attention!

The event was graced with the presence of Dr. David Gauthier, Vice President, Academic and Research at St. Mary's University and Mr. Tatsuo Arai, Consul General of Japan at Montreal.

Mr. Tatsuo Arai, Consul General of Japan at Montreal sharing a few words.

Shihobarai--the purification of the four directions.

Serene and graceful bugaku dance (Japanese court dance).

Chanoyu (tea ceremony) demonstrated by Dr. Alexandre Avdulov, coordinator of the Japanese Language and Culture Program at SMU.

Our very own, Miyako, creating ikebana arrangements.

We were lucky that it was not a windy day!  All the arrangements stayed put.  :-)

Matcha green tea was served.  They made a LOT of bowls so everyone could enjoy tea in this peaceful setting.

Learning about calligraphy and Japanese paper inside the Oaks Mansion.

Miyako chatting with Consul General Arai.

Alexandre-sensei making tea late in the afternoon.

We hope you all enjoyed the afternoon of Japanesque.  Till next time!

Arrangement At The McNally Theatre, SMU

Added on by the ikebana shop.

This past few days, if you've walked through the doors to enter the McNally Theatre at St. Mary's University in Halifax NS, this ikebana arrangement would have greeted you.

The arrangement was created as part of the Japanesque activity, celebrating Japanese culture.  At the McNally Theatre, there were free screenings of two Japanese films last Saturday, Sep 27th.

Miyako and three of her advanced students--Jean, Patti, and Val--worked hard to put this together.  That includes enduring the freezing cold working on the design in our garage! :-)

Other friends also contributed.  The silver dollar medallions (top left of the photo) were a gift from Beverly.  Every year, when she prunes her garden, she delivers silver dollar branches to us!  Thank you, Beverly!

These tall branches were courtesy of our friend, Sheila.  She graciously let us walk around her cottage and gather whatever branches we needed.  See the action photo below!  :-)

So, this is what an ikebanista will do just to get that perfect branch!  :-)

We show our appreciation too!

And... here are the four ladies who made this possible.  (L-R Jean, Patti, Val, and Miyako.)  Thank you all for the wonderful work!

We'd like to thank St. Mary's University for kindly allowing us to use the space for this arrangement!


N.B.  The date stamp on the last two photos say "09/27/2014" but in fact they prepared this on Sep 26th.  The camera came from Japan and was still on the Japanese clock where the dateline had already been crossed! :-)