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Ikebana Workshop At SMU

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About a month ago, we had the opportunity to present ikebana to a class in Japanese culture at St. Mary's University.  A number of students were very interested to learn more and so a hands-on workshop was organized on Nov 15th, 2016.

The students learned about how to view branches and discern the front and back. They also practiced measuring and clipping to gain proper proportions in the arrangement.  It was great to see how seriously they took to the task.  Their attention to detail was commendable.

After the hard work, everyone was happy with their arrangements!  It was indeed a pleasure to study ikebana with the students.  Thank you for being wonderful participants in the workshop!

A big thank you to St. Mary's University President, Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray, for his gracious support. And, special thanks to Dr. Alexandre Avdulov of the Department of Modern Languages for organizing everything!

Japanesque 2016

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Did  you make it to Japanesque this year?  We were blessed with another charming day (Sep 18th, Sunday) at St. Mary's University, The Oaks.  It was a great afternoon to learn and experience Japanese culture.

Chanoyu (tea ceremony) and bugaku court dance.

Iaido and kendo.

Of course, our very own ikebana! :-)

Wadaiko, Japanese drums.  Everyone learned to dance bon-odori!  It was a great crowd!

People also tried calligraphy and Japanese paper crafts...and also enjoyed some matcha tea!

We are already looking forward to next year's Japanesque!

"Sō" Magazine June 2015

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The large ikebana instalment that Miyako and her students created at St. Mary's University was featured in the June, 2015 edition of "Sō" (「草」) magazine, the official publication of the Sogetsu Teachers' Association.

L-R: Jean H., Patti V., Val S. and Miyako.

L-R: Jean H., Patti V., Val S. and Miyako.

The arrangement was part of the Japaneseque event at SMU.  Great job ladies!

"Sō" Magazine October 2014

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Miyako's demonstration at St. Mary's University last February was featured in "Sō" (「草」) magazine, Oct 2014 edition.  "Sō" is the official publication for the Sogetsu Teachers' Association.  Thank you! 

In the photo, (L-R) Dr. J. Colin Dodds, President of St. Mary's University; Miyako Ballesteros, ikebana artist; and Mr. Tatsuo Arai, Consul General of Japan at Montreal.

The demonstration was part of Japanesque, an event showcasing Japanese culture at St. Mary's University, Halifax NS.