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The Twist Box

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Guess what this giant cupcake-like thing is? :-)

Gently lift the top and twist open....

...and take a peek inside.  We've filled it with 10 assorted chocolate truffles!

Lovingly hand-made in-house, right here in Nova Scotia!  The fabric is from Japan.  The chocolate truffles are from Truffini (made in BC).  Of course, once the chocolates are gone, you can still use the box!  

Available for a limited time at the shop.  Get one for this year's Valentine's gift!

Creating Ripples With A Bird Mobile

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Have  you seen our bird mobile?

They are hand-made using cardboard stock and recycled fabric.

The birds are just for decoration but they do play an important role in the shop.  It's all about energy flows.  From the entrance to the back wall of our tiny shop is a straight line of walking space.  We needed something to create ripples of energy at the centre of the store without entirely blocking its path.  Our little birds are like rocks on a steady-flowing stream.  They disrupt the current and create a few magic waves that make everything around them more interesting!

On your next visit to our shop, please look up. :-)  


All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.

Valentine Gift Idea: Crane Choco Boxes

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Here is a unique idea for a Valentine's Day gift: crane boxes with chocolate truffles inside! 

We know they are unique because the boxes are hand-made by us in-house! :-)  The box is covered with colourful Japanese fabric.

The lid comes off like this...and inside is a yummy assortment of 12 chocolate truffles.

The chocolate truffles are made by our good friends at Brockmann's Chocolate in Delta, B.C.

And of course, after the chocolates are gone, you re-can use the box for other things!

Available at the shop. 12.50 each plus HST. We don't have a lot so get yours while we still have them! 


All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.

Our Little Sticky-Note Book

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We've got new books.  Tiny ones!  :-)

We used scrap Japanese fabric to make the cover.

The pages are actually sticky notes. 

Bring it with you everywhere. Now you'll look more elegant when making notes!  ;-)

Hand-made in-house right here in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Available for purchase at the shop or online.


All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.

Origami Crane Tree

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Have you seen our shop window recently?

We made a Christmas tree out of origami cranes!

There are about 50 origami cranes per that makes about 250 cranes! (Disclaimer: We did not make an accurate count!)

We also had fun with the colours.  Do you like the rainbow gradations?  :-)

It's lovingly hand-made, of course!

...and look who is peeking underneath the tree.  :-)

Please drop by the shop and see the real thing.  It will be on display till the end of December.  See you soon!


All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.

Hand-Sewn Picture Frame Brooches

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When we were working on our "owl project".... 


...we had a lot tiny scraps of felt leftover.  It felt (pardon the pun!) like such a waste to just throw them away.  So, we decided to make little pictures out of them...hand-sewn!


Our inspiration?  Nova Scotia!  Does this look familiar?  :-)


It's the iconic lighthouse on Peggy's Cove, of course!

peggy's cove - Version 2.jpg

Summer farm scenes...


Night time winter scenes... 


...and a whole lot of others!  Do you see the Adirondack chair?  A personal favourite!  :-) 


It was a lot of fun making them.  They're available for sale at the shop!  ($8.50 CAD each plus HST where applicable.)



All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved. 

Macaron Ring Case

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We took inspiration from that delicious snack, the macaron, and used its shape for something completely different.


Ring cases!


They open-and-close through a zipper.  They are cushioned inside.  The perfect place to put your ring when it's not on your finger!  Some earrings would fit too!


By the way, this is not our original idea.  It's been all the rage in Japan a few years back but... these ones are hand-made in Nova Scotia, Canada!  

Available at the shop or online.
4.50 CAD each (plus HST where applicable). 

(All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.)

The Crafty Owl Workshop

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Many people have asked us about the little ornaments and other hand-made items we have on our shelves.  So we thought we'd have a little workshop and share with you how we make one of our bestsellers--the owl on a branch!

If you know how to sew a little bit, then this workshop is for you! (No lesson on how to thread a needle!)  We'd also need you to bring a few of your sewing needles.  Join us!  It's going to be fun! Contact us to register here.

April 26th (Fri) 10-12 in the morning at our studio.

20130426 Owl Workshop.jpg

Needle Felt Turtles

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Maybe you've already seen them in the shop..these cute little turtles!


Before they became turtles, they looked like this.


We took the woolen roving and stuck the needles into them gazillons of times to compact them together into turtle shapes.  The tiny eyes were the trickiest part!


Do you like how they turned out?


We even put them in their habitat!  Just to make them feel more at home.  :-)


Available at the shop.  $8.50 each (plus HST).  Made in Nova Scotia, Canada.

(All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.)