mindy moore

Mindy Moore has been a studio potter for 30 years, having studied at Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts under the tutelage of Henry Gernhardt and David MacDonald.  Following that, she lived in New York City where she continued her work in ceramics while studying further with many artists including Betty Woodman, James Makins, and Byron Temple.  She currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband/photographer Marvin Moore and their 2 sons.  Mindy has a studio in her home and teaches Art to grades 7-12 at the Shambhala School in Halifax.


My work in clay has always been sculptural; I am primarily a hand-builder.  Stoneware and porcelain are my clays of choice because of their strength and plasticity when soft, and their hardness when fired.  Always with an inclination toward functional pieces, the past 30 years has been a continuous exploration.  Form, texture, and the space around and within the form have been the thread of continuous focus.  I approach each piece of clay with a sense of spontaneity, without pre-conception of what lies ahead.  Clay is such a wonderful, luscious, malleable, strong substance.  Its essence is the essence of my exploration.

Having been a student of chado (The Way of Tea) for 25 years, the past several years have seen a confluence of my clay work with my tea studies.  Making objects for Tea as well as being influenced by the traditional ceramics of Japan has been a guiding force.  I have always been drawn to a more wabi-style approach to clay.  Wabi is a Japanese term for the old and weathered, the less-than-perfect, rustic, asymmetrical.  There is simple beauty in that and it is that which I am drawn to.

We carry a lot of items created by Mindy especially her vases.


This image courtesy of Marvin Moore Photography.

We did a joint pottery and ikebana exhibit with Mindy in May, 2012 in Halifax: En: Connections

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