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plastic kenzan

Your ikebana teacher probably told you that the kenzan should not be readily seen in your arrangement.  Now, you have a kenzan you can use even with glass containers!  It is a transparent kenzan made from strong polycarbonate plastic.  It is beautiful enough to be seen.    Needless to say, they are useful not only with ikebana but other types of flower arranging as well.    Event planners love this product for their table-top arrangements!

All our plastic kenzan are made in Japan.

Plastic kenzan clear.jpg
Plastic Kenzan green.jpg
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  • Each kenzan comes with a suction cup underneath to provide stability and to prevent it from floating.
  • The plastic kenzan is recommended for use with flower stems only.  The pins may not be strong enough to hold heavy branches.
  • Dimensions provided are rough measurements meant for reference only.
  • All made in Japan.
  • Prices and availability subject to change without notice.