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ikebana workshop details

what's the difference between a workshop and a lesson?

A workshop is meant to give the participant a taste of ikebana.  It introduces the basic principles of ikebana in an easy-to-understand way.  The emphasis is on enjoyment in creating an arrangement.  It is a fun activity for a group.  It is our hope that the workshop opens your eyes to the joys of ikebana.  Then the next step is to take a lesson!

A lesson is more "real" ikebana.  The emphasis is on learning proper ikebana principles and techniques.  Instruction and critique are more detailed.  Of course, nobody is saying it can't be fun.  It is!  ...especially for the serious student.  See the Lesson Details.

what we use in a workshop

We prepare plastic flower containers and inner floral foam.  We, of course, prepare the flowers and branches.  These materials are part of the workshop fee and participants get to take them home (in the form of a finished arrangement) after the workshop.


Please note that the shape of container will vary depending on availability.  The image above is for reference only. 

why not use a real kenzan?

Three reasons:

One, we'd like participants to be able to try ikebana even if they don't own a kenzan.

Two, participants are able to take home their arrangements without dismantling.

Three, foam is safer.  Children are welcome in our workshop!  (However, please note that floral clippers are used.)



where and how many participants?

Our studio can accommodate up to 8 persons.   It is a perfect setting for private gatherings.  You can bring light snacks and refreshments if you wish.  How about celebrating a birthday with an ikebana workshop? 

We can also go to your venue.  We have done workshops in private homes, the public library and community centres.  Let us know what you have in mind and we'll figure out the logistics.  We are open to workshop inquiries even from out-of-town. 

Maximum number of participants per workshop is 25 persons. 

how long is a workshop?

The workshop itself would last between one to one-and-a-half hours depending on the size of the group.  We'd need about 15 minutes before the start and after the activity for preparations and clean-up respectively.   If you plan to have snacks and refreshments, extra time should be added.

do participants need to bring anything?

We ask participants to bring their own floral clippers.  The ones used for the garden are good enough.  It is best to use clippers that you are familiar with.  We do have a few ikebana clippers available at the studio but we might not have enough to accommodate everybody. 

how much lead time do you need to prepare a workshop?

Ideally, we'd like at least a month's notice to prepare a workshop.  Time is needed to source the appropriate flower containers, especially if you are a big group.  But, we do our best to get things done in a timely manner.  Sometimes we can be ready in as early as a week (if we have containers in stock).  Talk to us and we'll work with your schedule.

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how much does a workshop cost?

Workshops done at the studio cost around $40~$50 (plus HST) per person.  This includes all the materials and participants take their work home with them.  Snacks and refreshments are not included.  It will be up to the participants to prepare and bring them to the studio.   

Workshops at a different location will incur additional cost depending on the location and logistics.  Some factors we need to consider are the travelling distance, the venue (if we need to rent it), and lodging (if necessary).  For workshops within Halifax and its environs, the additional cost will be zero to minimal, except if there are rental charges.  

Anyway, the first step is to contact us and let us know what you have in mind.  We will come up with a plan for you!