My Ikebana: A Fruity Arrangement

Added on by the ikebana shop.

Bob, the husband of our friend and ikebana student, Patti, dropped by the shop one day bearing gifts of branches.  He said it was a kind of dogwood but it had fruits hanging on them!

It is called "yamaboushi" in Japanese.  A little research told us it is called the Kousa dogwood.  The fruit is actually edible and is supposed to be sweet when ripe...but I didn't take a bite! :-)  I was quite thrilled to be able to use such an unusual branch for ikebana!

I chose a bamboo container for this arrangement.  The delicately latticed bamboo basketwork brought an air of lightness to the space.  

I arranged the fruit around the very thin if they were bursting right out of the container!

Here's a top view.

And just when you thought the arrangement is complete, I added a thicker branch with an opposite movement...just to surprise you with something unexpected! :-)

Here is the complete arrangement.  I hope you like it.  --Miyako

A very special thank you to Patti and Bob for always bringing interesting branches to me!

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