Chocorigami: Crane Envelopes

Added on by the ikebana shop.

Chocolate in Origami...Chocorigami!  (^-^)

The Crane Envelopes
We got some fine Belgian chocolate from our friends down at the Choco Cafe (1360 Lower Water St., Halifax NS) and packed them in our original hand-folded origami.  A strip of beautiful chiyogami paper adds an elegant accent.  We even included a note card that fits snugly at the back...just in case you want to write a special message with the chocolate.

choco tsuru small.jpg
Available in three attractive colours with assorted chiyogami.

choco tsuru all.jpg
We chose six types of chocolate to go inside the crane envelope.  Of course we've tried them all.  Every one of them is oishii!  (oishii = "delicious" in Japanese)

chocolate types.jpg
Available at the shop or by mail order.  $9.50 CAD ea.

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