Demo At The Caritas Residence

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Last Nov 27th, we had the opportunity to present an ikebana demonstration at the Caritas Residence, Halifax NS.  The Caritas is a retirement residence sitting on a hill just above Mt. Saint Vincent University with a beautiful view of the Bedford Basin.  Senior citizens and retired Sisters of Charity live there.


About 15 lovely ladies joined us.  Most of them had never heard of ikebana before so it was a pleasure to introduce this beautiful art to them.  They were a rapt audience! 


"It was like poetry in motion," commented Sister Helen.  The smiles and words of appreciation after the demonstration made it all worthwhile. :-) 

Thank you very much for your kind and warm welcome!  We hope you enjoyed the ikebana.

Thank you to Susan B., Recreation Coordinator, for making this possible.  

Special thanks to our friend, Fran, who made the introductions...and for taking pictures with our clunky old camera!  Thank you Fran!