DotLiner Glue

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Introducing the Kokuyo DotLiner glue runner.  A very efficient and neat way to stick things together...scrapbooking, gift-wrapping, bristol board projects, etc....all made easier!

The DotLiner glue comes in dots on a spool of tape.  You roll it on the surface and the glue dots adhere.  Then simply stick whatever photograph, clipping etc you want and it's done!  And if you put too much by mistake, you can simply rub it off with your finger. No mess!
  • Acid free.  Won't turn brown on you with age.
  • Smooth. Paper will not warp after the glue dries.
  • Accurate. Pinpoint and know exactly where the glue is.
  • Clean. Excess glue dots can be neatly removed by simply rubbing off with your finger.
  • Refillable. Yes, we have the refill tape too!
  • Three different patterns available: pink hearts, yellow stars and blue dots.
The refillable structure also makes it easy to adjust in case the tape gets a little loose by just twisting the spool a little bit.  Anybody who knows cassette tapes will understand what we mean! (^-^)

Glue dot tape is 8.4mm wide and 8m long. (This is the "cute" size!)   $4.50 (CAD) ea. (Refills $3.50 ea.)

Come and try it out at the shop!

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