Halifax Public Gardens Ikebana Workshop

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The Halifax Public Gardens organized an ikebana workshop at The Lord Nelson last June 10th. 

First, Miyako created these two moribana arrangements on-the-spot to give the participants an idea of what they'd be making.

Next, it was their turn...and the fun really started!  :-)

One great thing about having the Public Gardens as a sponsor was that we had an abundant supply of branches!  Early morning that day, Miyako had visited the gardens and had "helped" with the pruning. :-)

Image courtesy of Helen MacLean.

Image courtesy of Helen MacLean.

All the participants were intent on learning more about ikebana.  They asked many questions and really thought carefully about the placing of the blooms and branches.

Everybody enjoyed!

See the results.  Wow!  They did not disappoint.  Hard to believe everyone was experiencing ikebana only for the first time that night.

By the way, Miyako arrived at the function room early and had a bit of time in her hands so she made a few free-style arrangements to welcome everybody!

Thank you very much to all who joined the workshop.  We hope you had an interesting evening.  May your interest in ikebana grow further!  Thank you Halifax Public Gardens for organizing this event.  


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