Holiday Goodies

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Here are some holiday goodies you can find at the shop!

Santa Gift Box
Kids love getting many matter how little!  So we put together a bit of this-and-that into a gift pack and put it inside a special Santa box.  The contents are worth more than $20...and we're offering them at $15, including the Santa box of course!

Fabric Crane Ornaments 
They're back!  Ready to adorn your Christmas tree!  These origami cranes are Hand-made in-house with brightly coloured Japanese fabric.  

Cat Ornaments
At first we made only a few.  We wondered if people would really want a cat on their tree?!?  :-)  But people kept asking for more so we made some more.  All hand-made in-house.

Christmas Tree Lavender Sachet
Last year, we made these little trees and sent them to Halifax's sister city, Hakodate. (See here.)  We thought we'd reprise it this year. They are made with Nova Scotian tartan and inside is fragrant Nova Scotia lavender.