Ikebana At The Berkeley

Added on by the ikebana shop.

On Sunday, Aug. 3rd, we had the opportunity to present a short demonstration of ikebana at The Berkeley (Gladstone St., Halifax), a retirement home for senior citizens.

We would like to thank Pam, one of the residents, for inviting and giving us the opportunity to introduce ikebana to the community at The Berkeley.

There was some animated discussion after the demonstration too.  We hope the flowers brought a little extra cheer to the Sunday afternoon.

Afterwards, our gracious host, Pam, showed us around the garden that the residents work on.  The flowers beds are set on raised plant boxes so that the ladies would not have to stoop down to tend them.  Such wonderful colours there!

We've left the flower arrangements at the residence so that people could enjoy them for a while longer.  Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic attention to our demonstration!  Thank you to the management and staff at The Berkeley for having us there.