Ikebana At The Biscuit Eater

Added on by the ikebana shop.

We went to Mahone Bay to share a little ikebana joy.  The Biscuit Eater kindly let us use their beautiful space again to set up some ikebana arrangements. (Yes, we did this a couple of years ago too!)

Miyako and two of her students--Susan & Val--put arrangements in some corners of the café...

...including one in the ladies' room...


Oh...and the ladies did not forget about the men's room either.  They decided to have a bit of fun there too!.  Not ikebana...just mischief! :-)

The big table at the entrance was host to multiple arrangements that could be taken as one harmonious piece.

We plan to have ikebana workshops at The Biscuit Eater, outdoors on the deck, weather permitting.  Aug 14th (Fri) and Aug 28th (Fri) both 3:00-4:30 p.m.  Miyako will teach basic upright moribana on the first date and basic slanting on the second.  We put sign-up sheets on the table so please join us.  Or, you can contact us directly to register too. (Cost: 35.00 plus HST).

Of course, a trip to The Biscuit Eater always includes a lovely meal.  Food there is always good!

Thank you very much Cara and Frederick for allowing us to intrude into your charming space!

L-R: Susan, Cara (co-owner of The Biscuit Eater), Miyako and Val.