Ikebana At The Halifax Public Gardens

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It was our first time to do an ikebana demonstration outdoors.  It was a bright, warm, sunny day.  We were surrounded by wonderful trees.  The setting was perfect....

....until the wind started to blow!  By normal standards, it was a mildly pleasant breeze.  By ikebana standards, it was a bit scary! :-)  Those rocks on the table were not ornamental. They were there to keep the table cover from flapping about!

Anyway, Miyako started doing what she did best.  At first there were only a few people...

...but not long after, people started to take notice.  

Something beautiful was being created here!

And more people came to watch.

Pretty soon, there was a good-sized crowd.

The Public Gardens had let us take some branches from the trees and bushes, like these beautiful rhododendrons.  (We added rocks on the kenzan to give it more weight to withstand the wind!)

Also some very lovely crab apple blossoms!  Unfortunately, the wind gods were merciless with this arrangement.  It got knocked over right after completion!  At least people still got a glimpse!  :-)

At the end, some curious members of the audience wanted to try using the kenzan!

We thank everyone who spent the afternoon with us.  We hope you enjoyed the "show".   Thank you to the Halifax Public Gardens, most especially to Ms. Helen MacLean, for making this possible (and for letting us take some of your branches!)  Thank you also to Miyako's students who came to offer support.  You know who you are!


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