Ikebana At Toyota Lexus Halifax

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If you are out shopping for a car, visit the Toyota Lexus showroom in Halifax!

We put up an ikebana installation there.  Way up there above the showcase shelving! See it?

Toyota and Lexus being Japanese brands, we hope to show a little bit more of the Japanese aesthetic in the showroom.  We express through flowers elements of the automobile design: elegance, boldness, power.

Sometimes, it is good to work outside the studio and create something BIG...a very different experience from the usual table-top arrangement.  The project is a collaborative effort by Miyako and her advanced students : Val S., Susan R., Jean H. and Patti V.  

Toyota Lexus had asked for something that could stay in place through the Christmas season. So, dried materials were used.  Apart from the bleached palm, all other plant materials were those that can be found in Nova Scotia.

Bleached palm leaves.

Gold maple leaves and Canada holly (ilex) among others.

We also used Japanese obi.

We searched far and wide to get the right material! :-)

Planning, designing, creating the mock-up took an effort.  But we enjoyed doing it!  With everyone working together, there was an excellent exchange of ideas.

(L-R) Miyako, Jean and Patti.


Since the arrangement was to be placed atop a 2-metre high shelf, we had to imagine it being viewed from the below.

Susan and Miyako.

The other challenge, of course, was bringing the work to the showroom...and the actual installation.  Many thanks to Val's engineering & carpentry skills for coming up with a great "scaffold"!

Here are more views of the installation.

The installation will be there throughout December, 2015.  Please visit when you have the chance!

We are very grateful to Toyota Lexus Halifax for generously allowing us to use their showroom.  It is never easy to find big spaces for big arrangements!

Thank you to Val, Susan, Jean and Val!  We hope you enjoyed the project.  We are proud of your work.  As well, thanks to Susan and Patti for sharing your photos with us!