Ikebana Workshop At The Biscuit Eater

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It was a beautifully sunny day.  Perfect for some creative activity outdoors!  ...and the patio of The Biscuit Eater café in Mahone Bay NS was the perfect setting for an afternoon of ikebana.



Under the canopy of parasols and grape vines, people enjoyed an introduction to ikebana. 


Miyako started off with a short demonstration.  The participants were very attentive and, as you could see, Miyako was enjoying herself!


Next, it was time for everybody else to try it! 


Some pointers on the angle to insert the main branch.... 


A few adjustments here and there....


Miyako remarked that all participants seemed to have the sense for ikebana.  Nobody made large bunches.  Everybody understood the importance of space in ikebana!


After completing their arrangements, people were relaxed.  It didn't hurt that we were at The Biscuit Eater where great tea, coffee and snacks could be had! :-) 

P1030958 - Version 2.jpg

Thank you everyone for participating in our ikebana workshop.  We hope it served as a good introduction to Japanese floral arrangement.  

Thank you to The Biscuit Eater for accommodating us.  They re-arranged the whole patio space just for this event! 


We'd like to do this again some time! 

All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.