Ikebana Workshop At The Japanese School Part 2

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In fact we conducted 3 ikebana workshops at the Japanese School of Halifax.  The first one was with the older boys and girls.  (No pics, sorry!)  The second one was with the wee ones...and weren't they cute?  See here.  And the third group had their workshop about a week or so ago.

The tweens group...in between being very cute & cuddly and very beautiful & handsome!

Everyone was very focused on their ikebana work.  They all created beautiful arrangements...to the delight of their parents too!

Unknown to Miyako-sensei, while she was having a good time with some of the children, the parents, staff and other children were in another room busily preparing these thank-you cards!  

How thoughtful and touching!  To all the children of the Japanese School of Halifax: a big THANK YOU from Miyako-sensei.  Many thanks too to all the parents and staff of the Japanese School of Halifax.