Japanese Home Cooking Workshop: Ganmodoki

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This is our pilot (trial?) Japanese home-cooking workshop!

We thought: Why not introduce Japanese food?  ...the ones that are not well-known outside of Japan.  Of course, you can always search up the recipe online but wouldn't it be more fun to have someone show you how it's done? :-)  Besides, you might not be able to find all the authentic Japanese ingredients in Halifax.  Our big advantage: we know how it should taste like!  So we will suggest appropriate substitutes and still remain true to the spirit of the cuisine.

We will introduce "Ganmodoki" (がんもどき) in our first workshop.  


"Ganmodoki" can be loosely translated as "that which resembles goose".  Not a very appetizing name eh?  But it is quite yummy.  Ganmodoki is one kind of "shoujin-ryori" (精進料理), the food that Zen monks eat.  They do not eat meat and so they have this kind of food made from tofu and other non-meat ingredients.

Portuguese filhós.  (Click to see source.)

Portuguese filhós. (Click to see source.)

In the Kansai region, this dish is also called "Hiryouzu" (飛龍頭)...literally translated as "flying dragon head"...but really, it is just the Japanese phonetic equivalent for the Portuguese snack called "filhós" -- a kind of fritter made from flour, eggs and, oftentimes, pumpkin.  In Portugal, they are a traditional Christmas dessert. 

They do look similar!

Our version of this dish brings together simple yet savoury ingredients including shrimp, bacon, green onions and mushroom, all in a tofu base. The tofu's neutral flavour helps tone down the intensities of each filling, while allowing their distinct flavours to come out and be appreciated. These patties are also highly versatile; you can customize your ganmodoki with the ingredients of your choice.  Once you master the base, make it your own and experiment with different ingredients. The possibilities are endless! 

Workshop Details

Let's make ganmodoki* with ingredients available in Halifax!

Date:    Feb 21st, 2016 (Sunday)
Time:    2:00 - 3:00 p.m. 
Venue:  the ikebana shop
             6417 Quinpool Road, Halifax NS B3L 1A7

Cost: 12.50 + HST

Up to 4 participants only.  Pre-registration is required.
Participants are asked to bring with them a whisk, a spatula and an apron (optional).
We will prepare all the ingredients and other utensils.

Then, we taste our cooking together.  (We'll show you how to make the sauce that would go with it too!)

Register by phone 902-407-0487 or email.  Hope to see you there!

*Note: Not strictly vegetarian.