Just For Fun: Ikebana'GGuy

Added on by the ikebana shop.

Three years ago, we had some fun building a miniature soba shop. Remember?  This year, we made a miniature of our shop...and then some!

Before anything else, a little background.  Let us introduce Petit'GGuy (pronounce "poochi-guy").  Gunpla fans will be familiar with him.  He has a mascot-like existence in the Gundam franchise. He stands 36 feet tall and is very cute. He is also adept in the martial arts. ;-)



We made our version and called him "Ikebana'GGuy". (After all, "Gunpla is freedom!" right?)  He has our logo as his helmet.  The big Q on his chest stands for "Quinpool"--our street!  Here he is standing in front of our shop.  This is in 1/144 scale.

Let's compare the miniature shop with the real one!

And, to spice it up a bit, we installed LED lights!

Next time you visit the shop, say hello to Ikebana'GGuy...and turn his lights on!