My Ikebana: Bunched Dogwood

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This was my last ikebana arrangement for 2013.

Normally, I use dogwood branches for the beautiful lines that they create.  This time, I challenged myself to do something different.  I looked at the bundled up dogwood branches in my hands and thought that bunched together, they looked pretty too!

I chose a flower container with a solid vertical surface and matched that with the thickest parts of the dogwood branches.

To further augment the colour contrast between the red branches and the black container, I added some green oregonia.  This makes the arrangement more cohesive.

As it was, the arrangement was calm and tranquil...but too calm!  It was static; so I added long branches diagonally across to sort of "pinch" the arrangement.  This added some movement.

Here is the whole arrangement.

...and here is another view.

I hope you like it.  --Miyako


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