My Ikebana: Hanging A Watering Can

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Tsuribana (吊り花), "hanging flower", is one of the themes in the new Textbook 5.  The problem with trying to suspend a ceramic flower container is that it becomes too heavy!  So I decided to use a plastic watering can and dangle it from a curtain rod.  The window provides a good frame although it is backlit in the daytime!

I cut palm buds in long strips and bunched & curled them together.  Wine red gerberas provide accent and colour.

Working on a hanging arrangement is quite a different experience.  Be prepared to step up and down a chair many, many times!  Also, lack of stability is a difficulty because the container does not sit steadily on a flat surface.  

I love this challenge because it further expands the possibilities for ikebana.  

I hope you like it.  --Miyako