My Ikebana: Maple Lines

Added on by the ikebana shop.

In our parking area, there is a maple tree. Close to its trunk, there are many new maple branches sprouting, probably from seeds that have fallen from the mother tree. I decided to use some of them.


The little buds and young leaves were a breath of new life of spring.


This arrangement is all about showing lines.  Most of them were very straight branches.  But there were at least some that curved a bit...or some that bent with a little "encouragement"!  I chose a container that showed a strong surface to contrast against the lines.  

I wish I could take a three-dimensional picture.  It is not easy to express the depth on a flat photograph!


Here is the complete arrangement.


Hope you like it.  --Miyako

(All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.)