My Ikebana: Natural Style

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This time I made an arrangement in a more orthodox and natural style.


Last week, a customer came to the shop bringing a big branch.  She said she had found it on the sidewalk.  She knew I loved getting branches!  It was that branch that I used for this arrangement.  Thank you very much!


I used red carnations, white pom pom mums and a sprinkling of pine.


See the buds?  The branches were holding out the promise of spring!


Here is the complete arrangement.  I imagined it would be appropriate at an entrance lobby of a restaurant or ryokan (Japanese style inn).

20130322 Miyako.jpg

We put it in our shop instead!  :-)  Sorry but we don't have a lot of space these days so it had to be together with some other things!


I hope you like it.  --Miyako

(All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.)