My Ikebana: Pussywillow And Water

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I was so excited to find these long pussywillow branches that I did not even think to choose what kind of container to use.  My mind simply started imagining what I could create with these branches.


The branches felt good in my hands.  I bent, twisted and coaxed them to form different shapes and angles.  I was playing and having a lot of fun!  Before long, I had an objet in front of me.


Next, the container.  The work turned out to be quite big so I decided to use a combination of two suiban containers.  The pussywillow branches went to the first container.  I did not want to cover the lines so I used very sparse flowers.


I used the second suiban to show water.  I let some alstroemeria blossoms float to show a flow from one container to the other.


The image of hana-ikada was in my mind.  (花筏 hana-ikada = literally "flower raft".  This term is used to describe sakura petals that fall in a pond or river.) 


Here is the full arrangement.

20130404 miyako.jpg

I hope you like it.  --Miyako

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