My Ikebana: "Sculpting" With Straw

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Our backyard is entombed in snow and it was difficult to pick branches so I decided to use some dried susuki (Pampas grass) that a friend had given to me a while back.  I had been saving them for a rainy day and I thought their time finally came.  Not on a rainy day...but on a snowy one!

Because the stalks were very dry and brittle, many stems broke completely.  It was a challenge to blend angled lines with the flower container.

I wanted to project this arrangement in 3-D.  The lines were placed such that the viewer would be able to enjoy different expressions from many angles.

The alstroemeria, though more commonly used to create mass, were used to show movement this time.  

The two colours--pink and orange--inserted on either side of the arrangement, helped to show depth.

I hope you like it.


(All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.)