Ohi Tea Bowl

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Ohi-yaki style of pottery dates back to 1666, when the 5th Lord of Kaga, Maeda Tsunanori, established the kiln under the guidance of Urasenke teamaster Sen Soshitsu.  The Ohi style is related to Raku.  In fact, the first Ohi potter, Donyu (who later took on the name Chozaemon), was the son of Raku III and apprenticed with the fourth Raku master, Ichinyu.

Ohi style pottery does not use a potter's wheel.  All are shaped by hand and pulled out of the kiln while the glaze is melting. Using pine wood, firing is done at low temperature (1000℃).  The pottery is cooled quickly and takes on a deep amber colour.  

Ohi pottery is well-known with tea ceremony practitioners.

This Ohi-yaki tea bowl by Ohi Ippei (1920-1993).