Revised Blade Sharpening Price Schedule

Added on by the ikebana shop.

No, it's not really a price increase!  We've just streamlined the blade sharpening pricing schedule to simplify things.

The following pricing schedule will be applied from 2016:

Cost / knife

no extra cost
$5.00 extra

Regular & Serrated Kitchen Knives
    up to 4" blade
    more than 4", up to 9" blade
    more than 9" blade

Japanese traditional knife
Non-kitchen knife (hunting, folding)
Ikebana clippers
Minor chip repair* ( <2mm)
Chip & tip repair*

*Chip repair must be incorporated with sharpening order.

Note: If your knives or clippers need extra special attention, we will let you know the expected cost and obtain your agreement before starting any work on it.

Prices are subject to HST.