Say Hello To OrigaMirna

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It is always a pleasure to meet another person who shares an interest in one of the things we are passionate about: ORIGAMI!  Mirna is originally from Croatia.  She moved to Canada with her husband and four-year old daughter in 2013.  She recently visited our shop and brought with her a lot of origami energy in the form of these mini kusudama set as mini origami trees.

Kusudama is a type of origami where many identical pieces (usually conical or pyramidal) are sewn (or glued) together to form one ball of flower.

Kusudama-making images courtesy of Mirna Blažinčić Čonkaš.

Mirna's love for origami began when a cousin introduced her to the art.  She was 8 years old.  She was fascinated by the fact that a sheet of plain square paper could be transformed into something complex (though not necessarily so!) and beautiful.  In time, she not only learned more complicated pieces but also came to appreciate the process itself.  

The process of folding a complex model is like meditation. I forget about plans for the next day. All worries and fears disappear. And when I’m finished, in addition to a beautiful flower or a mysterious unicorn, I feel relaxed, refreshed and empty-­minded. In a positive way, of course.

We are happy to have some of Mirna's work available at the shop.  Every piece is unique and made with plenty of love, patience and attention to detail.  All hand-made, of course!

Please also visit her facebook page to see what else she's been up to!

Although I’ve learned many complex models since then, I’m always happy to return to the crane and try fold it as perfectly as possible.

Image courtesy of Mirna Blažinčić Čonkaš.