Summer Arts Program 2015

Added on by the ikebana shop.

We have teamed up with some friends to offer the Summer Arts Program for children ages 8-10 years old at the Shambhala Centre!  It will be 5 days of fun, crafts and creativity.  Parents get to see a presentation on the final day.  Space is limited so please register as soon as you can!


Ikebana: the art of Japanese flower arranging,
based on 3 main elements: heaven, human & earth.

Gagaku: Ancient Japanese Court Dance and Music. We learn simple percussion on the drum, and its accompanying dance. The
movements are clear and open.

Calligraphy: disciplines of brushwork moving into open forms. We start with black ink and classical forms and move into color and free forms.

Origami: the art of Japanese paper folding. A great tool in developing spatial reasoning and geometric understanding, origami also teaches patience and concentration.

Etegami: means “picture letter.” It is a picture and a message. There are no rules Just draw and write what you feel in a moment of inspiration.

Bookmaking: each child creates a hand-made book


Miyako Ballesteros is a qualified instructor in the Sogetsu School of ikebana. She owns the ikebana shop (6417 Quinpool Road, Halifax, NS). Miyako is passionate about sharing Japanese culture. Apart from ikebana lessons, she also conducts workshops in origami and etegami at different venues such as her shop studio, IWK, Dalhousie University, Halifax Public Libraries, etc.

Sarah Cox holds a Certificate in the Performing Arts in Dance from Naropa University. She is a long time student of Japanese Court Dance and also studies calligraphy and Japanese Tea Ceremony. She has taught children as well as adults for many years.

Jamie Pratt, Halifax representative of the Japanese Paper Place (Toronto), has long been fascinated by bookmaking arts. Through many workshops and studies she has learned various handmade book techniques and produced her own books.

For further information and registration:
Please contact Jeff Scott at the Shambhala Centre, tel 902-420-1118 ext 131.

P.S. Healthy snacks will be provided but participants are asked to bring their own lunch.