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Introducing The Resin Kenzan

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The kenzan of the 21st century is here!  Introducing the resin kenzan!

Hyperbole aside, this is a revolutionary kenzan.  The pins are brass but the base is made of a hard polyester resin.  It will take the usual heavy branches that a regular kenzan would.  It is translucent, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.  It contains no lead; therefore, it is quite lightweight.

So how does it stay stable?  It works with another revolutionary product, the double-suction kenzan mat!

The mat is made of silicone resin.  There are suction cups on both sides of the mat.  One side adheres to the container while the other side holds the kenzan steady.  It may look like a soap holder, but the suction quality is infinitely better.  The kenzan will stay in place!

The mat is available in two colours: black and clear.  Choose according to the colour of your container.

The black mat disappears in a black container.

The clear mat disappears in a white container...

...and it looks good in other colours as well.

Of course, you can also use it with the traditional kenzan.  The weight of the steel kenzan plus the suction cups will increase the stability.  It is the ultimate kenzan mat!

Whether you use it with traditional or resin kenzan, the mat will keep the kenzan solidly (but within limits of course!) in place.  To all of you who know the difficulty of moving a moribana arrangement, this now becomes easier to do!

Extra bonus: you can use these mats in the kitchen too.  Use it as a base for your mixing bowl while you're whipping up some cream, for example!  :-)


Made in Japan.

The resin kenzan and double-suction mats are available for purchase at our online shop.  Or, please visit the bricks-and-mortar shop to see the real thing!

The Black Kenzan

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Black is one of the basic colours of ikebana flower containers.  A shiny kenzan in a black container would be a distraction and draw attention away from the real focal point of an arrangement.  It is something that one would rather not see!  For a discriminating ikebanista, obscuring the shiny kenzan used in a black container could be quite the challenge!  

You can put the covering pebbles aside...  Say hello to the black kenzan! 

It is a steel kenzan that is stained black by ionic bonding.  The tone is smooth and uniform.

It "disappears" inside the black container!

Hardly noticeable!  Don't you just love it? :-)

It's that little bit of extra detail that could sometimes spell the difference between a so-so and an outstanding arrangement!

Add the black kenzan to your ikebana arsenal!

We have a collection of black kenzans available.  Click here to see! 


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