The Black Kenzan

Added on by the ikebana shop.

Black is one of the basic colours of ikebana flower containers.  A shiny kenzan in a black container would be a distraction and draw attention away from the real focal point of an arrangement.  It is something that one would rather not see!  For a discriminating ikebanista, obscuring the shiny kenzan used in a black container could be quite the challenge!  

You can put the covering pebbles aside...  Say hello to the black kenzan! 

It is a steel kenzan that is stained black by ionic bonding.  The tone is smooth and uniform.

It "disappears" inside the black container!

Hardly noticeable!  Don't you just love it? :-)

It's that little bit of extra detail that could sometimes spell the difference between a so-so and an outstanding arrangement!

Add the black kenzan to your ikebana arsenal!

We have a collection of black kenzans available.  Click here to see! 


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