The Barrington Street Bouquet

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Our friends at Argyle Fine Art called on us for a street art collaboration...turning a sidewalk garbage can into a floral installation!  The idea was inspired by the work of NYC floral designer Lewis Miller who used his excess bouquets to beautify New York City's trash cans.  

We wanted the flowers to last for at least a week so we decided to use potted plants rather than cut flowers.  It was also a sensible choice for the budget we have.  Of course, we added other things to make it all lively!  The objective was to brighten up downtown Halifax a little bit more with flower art.

We made pinwheels.

We painted dried branches.

The installation is at the corner of Barrington and Blowers Streets in downtown Halifax.

The potted flowers of choice were mandevillas. Our florist assured us that they bloom well and that the flowers last for a while.  We also used dried gourd cups (which we hand-painted) to add more colour.

The pinwheels went to the bottom...and they do spin when there's a breeze!  A little extra motion to catch people's eyes!  Look here.

And there it is!  It will be up until July 29th, 2017 (Saturday). Take down will be on Sunday, July 30th, morning.  Please come and see it!

Many thanks to Argyle Fine Art, the Downtown Halifax Business Commission and the City of Halifax for making this possible!