The Blooming Gift Bag

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So there you are collecting tiny goodies to make into one fabulous gift...or maybe you are preparing a goody bag for your daughter's birthday party...or maybe you bought this pair of origami earrings and are wondering how best to present it.  Look no further.  Here is the blooming gift bag! :-)

It comes flat as a pancake but you can put quite a bit inside because it has a 7cm (2.8") bottom gusset.

Dimensions: L=16cm (6.3"); H=13.75cm (5.4") with a 7cm (2.8") bottom gusset.

Here we put 10 pcs of our favourite chocolate truffles.

Bottom gusset is 7 cm (2.8") wide.

Fill it up.  Then, just pull the drawstrings...and watch the flower "bloom"!  :-)  Tie the strings neatly in a bow.

The drawstrings are on either side of the flower.

The drawstrings are on either side of the flower.

Pull tightly to close.

Then, tie neatly in a bow.

Et voila!  A super presentable gift!

Available in 4 different colours.  Material: non-woven, texture polypropylene. Re-usable.  Click here to purchase online.

Pink, green, orange, and light blue.

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