Zen Saying: Kou-Un Ryuu-Sui

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行雲流水 (pronounce: "koh oon ryu sui") is a Zen saying that literally translates as "Clouds move. Water flows."

Herring Cove, NS, Canada.

Clouds do not stay in the same place.  Water flows from somewhere to somewhere.  If something blocks their way, they just move around it.  They follow their natural course despite the obstacles. They also do not cling to any permanent shape.

In our lives, things happen, for better or for worse. There is no need to dwell on certain events. There is no use to cling to certain episodes.  We must let life keep flowing and follow its natural course.  As the Beatles said, "Let it be!"  ...and life goes on.

  Original calligraphy by Yukari Haverstock.