2013 Holiday Arrangement Offer

Added on by the ikebana shop.

We are preparing an arrangement for the holiday season for you!  See the end of this post for details. 

The poinsettias are kept intact in their pots so they will last through the season as long as they are watered properly.  (Cut poinsettias do not survive for long  and  so are seldom used in ikebana!)


We hand-painted some dried branches and leaves to give it the season's glitter!  The greens are fresh.

...and some fun holiday ribbon to wrap it all up! :-) 

This arrangement will make your house ready for the holiday season. ..or they are great house-visit presents too!  

Price of the arrangement:
40.00 plus HST.

Available for pick up at the shop on Dec 13th-15th.   

Call or email us to place your order!