From A Happy Knife Customer

Added on by the ikebana shop.

Here is an email we received from Val.   


I really enjoy this new arrangement between the shop and Peter Nowlan of New Edge. As you know, I've given the service a pretty good test - various blades and brands, serrated edges, dried out handles and one knife missing a healthy chunk of its tip. You must wonder about the state of my kitchen.

The results of Peter's work are excellent - hand sharpening, oiling, repairing - he pays attention to the details, is thoughtful, and obviously cares about this work.   

The reasonable prices, quick turn around time and convenience of dropping my knives off at the Ikebana Shop are most appreciated.  Because both you and Peter take such a personal approach to making things work, I can have confidence in the service from beginning to end.

Thanks for this,


Thank you very much for your feedback, Val! 

See below the "before" and "after" pics of Val's knife with the broken tip. 


Val's knife before.JPG
Val's knife after.JPG

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Photos courtesy of Peter Nowlan.