My Ikebana With Sensei: Roots

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It's been a few years since I last set foot in my sensei's studio in Tokyo.  It was comforting to find myself in the familiar room but I was also thrilled to see many new additions to sensei's collection of flower containers.  Sensei is also a potter and she creates many of her vases!

I chose a jug-shaped vase for this day. 


There were a lot of dried branches, driftwood and bamboo available but what caught my eye were these dried roots!


For my flowers, sensei prepared roses and small nandina, horsetail and forsythia branches. 


The challenge was in creating the framework with the container and the roots.


Then came the flowers and branches.  I had envisioned a "solid" arrangement so I did not add much height.  I used the forsythia branches to extend the arrangement horizontally.


I hope you like it. 

I cherish the moments that I can spend with my sensei. I learn many things even by simply being in the room with her.   --Miyako


(All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.)