My Ikebana: The Blue Vase

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Another flower container that I was able to unearth during my recent trip to Japan was this blue vase.  Isn't it pretty?  This is my first time to use it.


For today's ikebana, I did have a variety of colourful flowers to choose from but I decided that the simple yellow of the alstroemeria would be the perfect companion to the blueness of the container. 


I also had some wonderfully leafy weigela branches to work with.  But, as much as I loved the little stems branching out of the main branch, I found my clippers snipping away at a furious pace until I ended up with only a strong, simple line.  My guess is that it all came back to that desire to show off the container.  That was also the reason why I left the lower portion empty.


Here is the whole arrangement. 

I hope you like it.  --Miyako

P.S.  If you are wondering if we have this vase for sale at our shop, the answer unfortunately is "no".  I only found  it in a little antique shop in Tokyo!

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