My Ikebana: Extending Horizontally

Added on by the ikebana shop.

Here is another blue vase that I picked up in my recent trip to Japan.  You must have guessed by now that I went crazy and bought a lot of flower containers in Japan! :-)


Joan, a regular customer at our shop, is the owner of the nearby Marigold Bed & Breakfast.  She knows I love getting branches so when it is time to prune her garden she invites me to go over and take my pick.  My latest haul were branches that had many, many smaller stems.

The tiny branches were interesting but because I wanted to show a strong horizontal line, I decided to remove the small branches.  The intricate little branches had the effect of diminishing the momentum of the horizontal. 

In contrast, I used the branches in their original form on the right side of the arrangement.  I created a slightly widening fan-like shape as an offset to the narrow horizontal line on the left. 

Here is the whole arrangement.  I hope you like it.  --Miyako


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