Nocturne 2013

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The annual transformation for our shop from retail store to gallery happened last Saturday, October 19th, 2013. 

It was Nocturne: Art At Night in Halifax.  We participate every year to showcase ikebana in our fair city. 

Let's take a tour!  Here is the show window display, arranged by Miyako. 


Greeting us at the entrance with a gentle fragrance of eucalyptus is White Harvest, arranged by JB. 


JB used an actual pumpkin as a container!

Two arrangements by Marina Sokolenko.  Many people were intrigued by the roses.  The mauvish-tan roses were from Marina's own garden.  A new hybrid called "Choco Loco". As buds, they appear chocolate brown in colour but become paler as they bloom! 

Choco Loco roses on the left.  Protea pincushions on the right. 

Showing Water by Miyako.   In this arrangement, Miyako only wanted to show the surface of the water.

The flowers were almost incidental, made to float in order to emphasize the water!

This arrangement by Jean Henshall was all about autumn! 


Cattails and wheat stalks!

Patti Vaison's arrangement used only dried material.  In fact, Patti was not able to join us on Nocturne night.  So, she had had to design an arrangement a week in advance...something that would not wither; thus, the dried material!

The hydrangeas were quite delicate. The eryngium retained their blue colour! 

Strongheart by Val Spencer.   This was an arrangement that needed to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated.  The images do not do it justice.


The placement of the anthuriums were creatively done.  It was no easy feat.  But Val downplayed it and claimed that the most difficult part was deciding where to position the loose silver dollar! :-) 

One of the crowd favourites, this arrangement by Sydney Feng  imparted an incredible feeling of lightness.

It was as if the chrysanthemums were floating in the air.  The thin blades of lily grass connected the two components together. 

Hana-Mari by Miyako. 


"Hana-Mari" means "flower ball." 

 Centrifugal by Miyako.  This arrangement sought to show strong circular motion.  Did you feel it?

The dried silver dollar and allium were given to us by our friend, Beverly.  She just popped in the shop one day last summer with an armful of branches.  The bittersweet branches were "donated" to us by Patti's husband, Bob.  He braved the woodlands to get these branches for us!  :-)  Thank you both! 

We would like to thank everyone who visited our little exhibit.  We hope you enjoyed it.

We would also like to thank our students who put in a lot of time and effort to create their arrangements.  We could not have done this without you! 

A more complete set of images can be seen in our flickr gallery


All photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.