Nocturne Is Tonight!

Added on by the ikebana shop.

The annual Nocturne: Art At Night event is tonight, October 19th, 6PM to 12 midnight.  Our shop is transformed into an ikebana gallery!  Miyako and her students will have some beautiful ikebana arrangements for you to enjoy. 

Here is a sneak peak of what we're working on.... :-) 


We will temporarily close the shop from 1PM today as we move things around and prepare the exhibit.  But if you really need to get something, please come on in and we'll help you the best we can!  Sorry for the inconvenience...and please don't mind the mess!

There is a LOT to see in Halifax tonight.  We are on the fringe of the Nocturne circuit but we hope you visit us.  We do put our heart and soul into all the arrangements!  We are #64 in the Nocturne Guide.


See you tonight!