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Holiday Goodies

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Here are some holiday goodies you can find at the shop!

Santa Gift Box
Kids love getting many matter how little!  So we put together a bit of this-and-that into a gift pack and put it inside a special Santa box.  The contents are worth more than $20...and we're offering them at $15, including the Santa box of course!

Fabric Crane Ornaments 
They're back!  Ready to adorn your Christmas tree!  These origami cranes are Hand-made in-house with brightly coloured Japanese fabric.  

Cat Ornaments
At first we made only a few.  We wondered if people would really want a cat on their tree?!?  :-)  But people kept asking for more so we made some more.  All hand-made in-house.

Christmas Tree Lavender Sachet
Last year, we made these little trees and sent them to Halifax's sister city, Hakodate. (See here.)  We thought we'd reprise it this year. They are made with Nova Scotian tartan and inside is fragrant Nova Scotia lavender.

A Little Gift To Sister City, Hakodate

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Halifax and the city of Hakodate in Hokkaido, Japan, have been sister cities since 1982.  As a symbol of friendship, Halifax has been sending a Christmas tree to Hakodate annually.  This tree is the main attraction for the annual "Christmas Fantasy" event in Hakodate. Many, many people appreciate this tree from Halifax.


Many volunteers in Hakodate work hard to make this event happen.  We thought we'd give them a small gift from Nova Scotia.  So, we took some Nova Scotia tartan and some Nova Scotia lavender...


...and made little Christmas trees out of them!

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Masao Oikawa.)

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Masao Oikawa.)

Through the good offices of the Hokkaido International Foundation, we shipped a box of about 50 of these lovely-smelling lavender Christmas trees to our friends in Hakodate.  

Below on the right is Mr. Fumio Yamazaki, representative director of the Hokkaido International Foundation, presenting our little sachets to two directors of the Christmas Fantasy Executive Committee.

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Masao Oikawa.)

(Photo courtesy of Mr. Masao Oikawa.)

The little trees were distributed to members of the Halifax-Hakodate Friendship Association and volunteer staff of the Christmas Fantasy Executive Committee.  Plus, the Hakodate City Mayor, Tourist Department Chief and International Department Chief all got one each too.  Wow...our little bit of Nova Scotia went a long way! Thank you very much Mr. Yamazaki!

We would also like to thank Mr. Masao Oikawa, a professional photographer and a director of the Halifax-Hakodate Friendship Association for graciously providing us with some of the photographs.  He is also the photographer responsible for the beautiful Christmas Fantasy poster.

We hope the friendship between our two cities will continue.  We work in our own little way to contribute to this objective!

Enjoy some scenes of Christmas Fantasy in Hakodate...

2013 Holiday Arrangement Offer

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We are preparing an arrangement for the holiday season for you!  See the end of this post for details. 

The poinsettias are kept intact in their pots so they will last through the season as long as they are watered properly.  (Cut poinsettias do not survive for long  and  so are seldom used in ikebana!)


We hand-painted some dried branches and leaves to give it the season's glitter!  The greens are fresh.

...and some fun holiday ribbon to wrap it all up! :-) 

This arrangement will make your house ready for the holiday season. ..or they are great house-visit presents too!  

Price of the arrangement:
40.00 plus HST.

Available for pick up at the shop on Dec 13th-15th.   

Call or email us to place your order! 



Walnut Ornaments

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So we got a bag of walnuts...

...cracked them open, ate the nuts and hollowed out the shells.  We touched up the edges a bit; then found some cute Christmassy fabric and ribbons.

And this is what we came up with!

Something different to hang on your Christmas tree this year!

Hand-made in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Available at the shop or online. $1.50 CAD each (plus applicable sales taxes.)

(Photos by the ikebana shop.  All rights reserved.)